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Knee-jerk and Kick
By Jackie Williams


September 11, 2007
Tuesday AM

Dear Editor,

Folks, read the jewelry store initiative, assess what it says and give it some thought; you will realize it is a knee-jerk reaction to the overabundance of jewelry stores in Ketchikan. Visit the Borough Web site at:

With or without the resolution, change is already taking place. Opportunities for other businesses are now becoming more obtainable as the proliferation of certain types of stores are thinning out and finding the balance in what the market will bare. (Just how many furriers can profit in such a small area?)

I believe this initiative it is a poorly thought out knee-jerk reaction to a community wide attitude. Most of us don't like it when the sidewalks are rolled up and the windows shuttered. The outcry from citizens on both sides should have fallen into ears of more sensible folks who meant well but realize a greater negative outcome other than limiting jewelry stores will take place. It is apparent the resolution is flawed in its writing and intent; the sponsors might have taken a higher road and not filed it. If the resolution passes, the cost will fall on the shoulders of all Borough citizens.

To those of you who are kicking back at the sponsors, I believe you are overreacting in your handling of the situation. One would think the outcry from citizens on both sides should have fallen into ears of more sensible folks. There is a great deal of validity to the reasoning of opposing the petition. Offer clear information on the points by talking to us as intelligent folks; it will go a lot further than pitting the two sides against one another.

This all began with citizen concerns and attitudes that need to be acknowledged in a professional and courteous way. Let's use our local programming on KPU for a calm, rational discussion of the pros and cons between the two positions (not sides). Present information based on fact and educated probabilities. Perhaps a local lawyer (not one employed by a government body) would have the gumption to sit in and offer legal opinions.

Our community is smarter than to make an emotional knee-jerk vote. I believe an intelligent outcome based on thoughtful decision making will take place at the polls and this resolution will be voted down. By not passing the resolution better planning and development methods can come about from both public and private parties.

And to those of you who are considering a Venture Capitalist (capitlaist!) Fund to encourage local startup businesses; I'm in the phone book. Guidance from successful business persons and startup money just may help me create a business of my own; located in beautiful downtown Ketchikan, Alaska.


Jackie Williams
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 11, 2007 - Published September 11, 2007

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