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Planning, businesses
By Richard Harney


September 10, 2007
Monday PM


In response to Michael McColley's comment about being able to tell people what businesses are allowed in any town, the city definitely can. Many cities put a distance on how far apart certain businesses or types of businesses can locate to one another or other types of businesses. This is done as to not have one location become saturated with only one type of business. Many cities enact these zoning codes for the benefit of their city.

Unfortunately Ketchikan is run by selfish people, mainly those in power who only cares for how many businesses he can hold on to or give to his wife or sell to developers, not what is appropriate for the town. *conflict of interest?*

Well, anyway, sorry for the rant but, telling people what they can and can't do with their land is what zoning and planning is about, it for the good of the whole who don't have a strong voice not the individual with power.

Richard Harney
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 10, 2007 - Published September 10, 2007

About: "Lived in Ketchikan, AK now a Planning Student at ASU"


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