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Jewerly Stores and Black Bears
By Michael McColley


September 09, 2007
Sunday PM

Wow, come on Alaskans, you know that Ketchikan voted down the head tax, a few years ago. And then raised the airport ferry passes. Backfired on you voting down head tax -- instead now you pay more. Property taxes are up, why? Because someone missed some opportunities.

I wonder what these jewelry stores bring in just in taxes for Ketchikan? The more money Ketchikan gets, the more the big shots want to spend.The bridge to nowhere and now there is a road to nowhere over on Gravina,. I'm told it cost $1,500 dollars a foot for that road.

There are a lot of issues on the jewelry stores, any lawyer with a half a brain could stop this. In Skagway the City of Skagway was paid taxes on $98 million in sales.

I'm wondering when these jewelry stores came into town residents couldn't help but to sell property and buildings to them as fast as they could. They have paid their way. That my friend is the American way. Who says you can tell someone what kind of businesses Ketchikan can have? If someone buys a business license, they can open up what ever they want. If they don't sell, they won't be in business long.

I can tell you that the cruise ships love the jewelry stores, and that's one reason they come in here, of course the beauty of Ketchikan and all the other activities around town and out of town. Charter boats
and bus tours are all doing well.

If it isn't broke don't fix it. Is there anyone making sure all the businesses are paying the taxes that are due??? I think there is a lot of taxes that are not paid. Maybe that can be enforced?

Black bears... if you secure your cans, they will go away to another food source, they come out at night time mostly and I believe no one has been hurt, not even pets. Leave the black bears alone. They have a right to be here. Don't feed them, don't pet them. End of story.

Michael McColley
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 07, 2007 - Published September 09, 2007


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