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Shoot the bears
By Amber Williams-Baldwin


September 09, 2007
Sunday PM

I for one am agreeing with common sense! Try not being able to go outside to catch the bus because there's a bear in your bus stop and the bus can't get closer to your house. That's what I put up with ever since kindergarten. Or having to be let off the bus at a friend's house because a bear is in your rock flower garden by your door and Fish and Game can't come.

By far my favorite was just a few years ago when I called them up and I said a bear was blocking me from my car and they asked me to make sure it wasn't a household pet first... Yeah let me see when I have a house pet that's almost as big as my ford escort, pigs will be flying! So they came a long long time later.

There are bears that need to be shot ASAP when whistling fireworks, floodlights, no outside garbage etc, isn't keeping them away, like how it was for me then real time action should be taken! I'm pretty sure they told me countless times that I could shoot them and several times they tried to with real and rubber bullets.

I do think that Bear Valley house owners should do more, also that if a bear really wants that trash it'll get it. If a sow raises her cub to see it as a valid food supply then they should get removed or shot as that's what they'll do or try to do for life as I've been told by Fish and Game for life.

All I know is that when house siding is being used as a back scratcher and claw sharpener something needs to get done. When my household pets would get attacked in the middle of the day, I no longer care. Ketchikan can't have it both ways and it's about time we woke up and picked one way or the other.

Do you want a city or a wildlife fun ride? You can't be pro development and anti growth. Just wait until Halloween when less and less trick or treaters come to your door because their parents are afraid of bears and you'll see why more kids don't play outside anymore in Ketchikan. I must say that's one of the reasons I wanted to move to the lower 48. I didn't want my kids to have to be beware of strangers as well as animals not only bears but wolves.

I totally love Eileen Small and I agree if I was lock'n loaded any of those times I would have shot all of my visitors and I'm not a Texan, and the law says I could of.

Amber Williams-Baldwin
Lakewood, WA

Received September 07, 2007 - Published September 09, 2007

About: Lived on South Tongass Hwy for 19 years too many. Have lost pets to animals as well as humans.

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