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Library FRP
By Patrick Jirschele


September 05, 2007
Wednesday AM

Recently the City advertised a RFP for land to build a new Library. I submitted a plan to keep the library at its present location at a substantial savings. The plan was subsequently removed from consideration on a technicality. The City Council has now reinstated the plan for consideration. Since that time I have received numerous phone calls for information on my plan. I am sending the RFP to sitnews to give folks an idea of what I had in mind.

Parts of this were printed as a letter to the editor about a year ago.  My artistic ability is limited but I think you can see from the sketch what it may look like from the foot bridge on the creek. The two topographical maps show the acquired square footage with one floor and with two floors. There were more scenarios submitted, but I think these two were the most promising.

If you are interested in keeping the library at the existing location, contact the members of the City Council. The decision will rest with them. It would be tragic to loose our library and replace it with a Quonset hut up a hill. Keep it accessible to children on bicycles and the elderly. We all know what the streets and sidewalks are like on the upper elevations in the winter.

A building doesn't need to be a century old to be of historic significance. The library building is named the Centennial Building. It was built to celebrate the first one hundred years of our community and that makes it significant. I find it sad that anyone could be so cavalier with our history as to suggest destroying this building. It seems the fashion to spend the community treasure to knock down our past and replace it with cookie cutter insignificance. After all, our history provides our compass to a prosperous future.

Patrick Jirschele
Pennock Island, Alaska

The following is most of what I submitted to the City.

jpg Library FRP


Received September 01, 2007 - Published September 05, 2007


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