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Will it ever stop?
By Jessica Mathews


September 04, 2007
Tuesday PM

Mr. Cegelske, thank you for pictures and letters about the state of trash in the community. Thank you even more for the constant effort at clean up.

It dawned on me the other day that the people that are doing the dumping may not be the most well read or knowledgeable about how to dump the trash. The latest update that a junked car had the form for the voucher may not support my thoughts...

Anyway, the most abused sights need a sign advising others that dumping costs little to nothing AT THE DUMP. I think to have them at the entrance to Revilla Road and down the two ends of Tongass may do something to quell the tide of trash or at the least cause the abusers a moment to ponder what they are doing (I am hopeful). Also, you offer clean up projects all the time in the community. Unfortunately the notice gets missed by me often times and if you could increase the notice by two weeks or more for these scheduled events I would like to be able to participate. Lastly, the court orders community work service hours on a regular basis and if you are not already on the roster of possible community work service places, you should be. There are numerous felons that owe community work service hours and if you could increase that notice time a little bit, I am sure that some of them would be happy to show up and help you out.

Jessica Mathews
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 01, 2007 - Published September 04, 2007


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