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Care of Disabled and Elderly
By Diane Ferguson


September 04, 2007
Tuesday PM

There can come a time in all our lives where we may need assistance. Sea View Terrace was a place people could reside with financial assistance so that people could still live independently in a safe and clean environment.

It saddens and shames me as well as many others to see the individuals living there are not being treated with respect. I understand Alaska Housing cannot give physical support such as moving furniture to make room for wheel chairs in apartments but Ketchikan is known for helping each other, a notice for this assistance through the tenants brought that assistance thru no notice or request from Alaska Housing.

Everyone knows a government agency has rules that have to be followed. I can understand the Fire requirements, I can't understand the attitude of not assisting the tenets to comply. Granted, the person working there will not be paid by the state to move that furniture but I think a person would be ashamed of themselves to not do it - I hope the employees were raised better and not be so selfish.

People have to be treated with dignity and respect because to lose the one thing that keeps us going, which is pride in oneself, gives a person no reason to continue.

When a person feels they are superior due to financial or physical difference and they would never be in this position to require assistance, then they should never be in the position to be in charge of those who do need this because they have no personal experience of these problems that causes a dignified, one time hard working person to have to swallow their biggest asset, pride, and ask for assistance and when received be treated without respect or dignity.

Diane Ferguson
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 02, 2007 - Published September 04, 2007

About: "First and formost I am a Mother and Grandmother, was a daughter and so on. Also I was one of the previous managers of Sea View Terrace."


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