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We are all in business of some sort
By Derek Flom


September 04, 2007
Tuesday PM

As a candidate for Ketchikan Borough Assembly, I would like to state my opinion on the jewelry store initiative. First of all, I am enlightened to know that Ketchikan has many passionate residents, caring individuals willing to take their free time to try and make this town a better place for all. Some lead civic or commerce organizations, others volunteer and some lead initiatives. All of whom take extra time to better our society .This initiative has brought to light some pretty deep emotions from those involved, because they care about our community. The initiative process is a wonderful freedom, and when used for the right cause, is a shining example of what makes America great.

As a vibrant growing community we need proper planning, realistic development processes, and most of all common sense.

We live in a free market economy, where an individual with some entrepreneurial spirit can venture forth (and risk both the asset of time and money) to establish a business. The consumer has the freedom to shop and utilize the business or not. No additional laws are needed as both the consumer and the business owner have the same freedoms, one the freedom to be in business both in where and what they sell, the other to shop, utilize and support the business or not. This initiative would take away both of their freedoms, is that fair?

We are all in business of some sort. Teachers are in the business of teaching, Car dealers are in the business of selling and maintaining cars, cooks are in the business of cooking, Mail carriers are in the business of delivering mail and jewelry stores are in the business of selling jewelry.

Passing laws restricting ANY segment of business sets a precedent to restrict all business, to restrict everyone of their basic freedoms, and we are all in business of some sort. Let's be fair and use common sense, Vote NO on this initiative to restrict jewelry stores, to restrict business in a free market economy, Vote No on this attempt to restrict everyone's freedom, for we are all in business of some sort.

Vote the initiative down. Vote the right candidates in, and let's all plan for a better future.

Thank you Sitnews and its readers,

Derek Flom
Candidate for Ketchikan Borough Assembly
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 03, 2007 - Published September 04, 2007


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