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Traitors Cove EIS
By Bob Pickrell


September 04, 2007
Tuesday PM

According to Ketchikan Daily News story (top right hand front page)Wed. Aug. 29 Alaska's radical preservation organizations are predicting that the world as we know it will come to an end soonest because the U.S. Forest Service upheld its final Environmental Impact Decision on a 905 acre timber sale in the Traitors Cove area.

Rising up with righteous concern for the deer and other predator populations are the earth's saviors: Greenpeace of Sitka, Cascadia Wildlife Project of Cordova, Juneau Group of the Sierra Club, Tongass Conservation Society who will probably soon be joined by Southeastern Conservation Council, Sitka Conservation Council, Friends of the Wilderness, Friends of the Alexander Archipelago Wolfdog, Lovers of the Endangered Goshawks, Save Our Bears (SOB), Juneau Against Miners (JAM), and of course the Socialist and Communist Parties of the USA.

They do have an issue. The deer! And they have been pounding this issue since some of them came to town about 1975. They claim loggers and hunters kill deer by the millions. According to them all the deer died back in the 50's when the great clear-cut rape of the S>E. forest took place (loggers purposely ran over them with their huge Cats and blew them up with dynamite...I'm sure this was reported by National Geographic Magazine). Somehow, 57 years and many generations of deer later, a few are left, thousands and thousands actually. But beware, they will all soon be endangered again if we log 17 million board feet of timber from 905 acres on a road eight and a half miles long.

So let's put this in perspective. A 17 million BF timer sale is ridiculously small (except for a toothpick factory) so is 950 acres in a 17 million acre forest and 8 1/2 miles af road...gee that's the distance we used to drive to get us from downtown to the former pollution perpetrating pillaging pulp mill. It's obviously a future "highway to hell" for critters of the forest who never learned that four legs can be used to make their bodies move!

Larry Edwards of Sitka Greenpeace is "impatient and wearing thin." Good!! Maybe he'll leave the area for the Florida Everglades, The alligators need him.

Now Ketchikan is blessed with Gregory Vickrey. A two year cheechako to the area but a sudden "know-it-all" who ran for the Gateway Borough Assembly almost upon arrival, was defeated but is a candidate again. I suspect there isn't a lawsuit that he doesn't love. He is the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the Tongass Conservation Society and opposed to the sale. What's new? They have been opposed to almost every sale and new development for the past three decades. Where did he come from? Who pays his salary? What's his job background during the past decade? He is smoother that his predecessors.

Anyway, good job Forest Service. Hang tough. This community is behind you. And, oh yes, don't vote for Vickrey.

Bob Pickrell
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 03, 2007 - Published September 04, 2007

About: "Asst. storekeeper at Waterfall Cannery 1949/Manager Alaska Loggers Assoc. '61to'65/Publisher "New Alaskan" Newspaper-Magazine '65 to '93/ Marketing Consultant to Plaza '90 to '97/ Charterboat operator '75 to '90/ Borough Assemlyman, served on numerous local and statewide commitees and boards,Ketchikan CofC "Man of Year" '95"

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