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Fish blog buzz
By Laine Welch


September 06, 2006

Just about anyone who follows fish news on the Internet now turns daily to the Alaska Report, a web site by techno whiz Dennis Zaki of Juneau. The former Hotel Captain Cook chef, who now makes his living with a booming web design business, ventured into the fish news front about six months ago.

"When I took over the website it had ten hits a day. It topped one million page views for last month. The site visits have gone up 21 consecutive weeks now and I don't see it stopping," he said in a phone interview.

The Alaska Report site features all the latest in web tech outreach ­ RSS, pod casts, CNN news tickers, high quality flash videos, and instant headlines via XML. Zaki said 1,000 people have signed on for XML in less than a month, meaning they get the report's headlines when they open their emails each day. "That's really taking off," he said.

But what really draws people to the Alaska Report is something you won't find anywhere else -- blogs by fishery activists, often very inflammatory.

"This gives them a podium and they can say anything they want. That's the beauty of living in the U.S.," Zaki said. He added that he gets lots of feedback from deckhands to high level decision makers, and comments "run 9-1 positive."

The Alaska Report also provides links for anonymous tips and tattle tales to report corruption or violations, and direct links to politicians. Zaki hopes to soon begin attending important fishery meetings and provide live feeds "so more people can know what's going on."

Zaki said the venture isn't turning a profit yet, but he's not concerned. "It took Yahoo and Google 18 months before they began making any money. The site has gone up a thousand times from where it began and I don't see it stopping."


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Laine Welch has been covering news of Alaska's seafood industry since 1988. Her Fish Factor column appears weekly in over a dozen papers and websites. Her Fish Radio programs air on 27 stations across Alaska.

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