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Zipping and Paddling for A Cause
By Jared Gross


September 05, 2006

Ketchikan, Alaska - The Farewell to Summer Ketchikan Volunteer Hospice fundraiser was held on Sunday, September 3 by Southeast Exposure. The Fundraiser was attended by 68 locals who participated in Southeast Exposures most popular tours; the Eagle Island Sea Kayak, and Rainforest Ropes and Zipline Challenge. Southeast Exposure's 15 guides volunteered in the afternoon event. Over 2,500 dollars was raised for the Hospice.

jpg zipping and paddling

A few of the 68 locals Zipping and Paddling for A Cause.
Photograph by Jared Gross

The fundraiser was the idea of Southeast Exposure guide Rob Mueller who wanted to commemorate the first anniversary of his brother Matt's passing from cancer. Mr. Mueller visited with Jerri Taylor-Elkin, Ketchikan volunteer Hospice coordinator in July and the two came up with the idea of an active fundraiser.

Guide Sarah Rennick enjoyed volunteering for the Hospice and says "this event shows that people from Ketchikan can really come together for an event such as this, and maybe in the future the community will continue to support this event."

Participant Ellen Young says "I'll paddle for a cause any day!"

The Volunteer Hospice is looking for volunteers and will be conducting training in September. A guest speaker Bill Colby author of Long Goodbye The Death of Nancy Cruzan is scheduled to be in Ketchikan on Oct. 19 at 6:00 pm at the Discovery Center. Colby's speech will be about "Right to Die" issues.

For more information on volunteering for the Ketchikan Volunteer Hospice contact Jerri Taylor-Elkins at 907-225-8914 or email her at



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