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No to Sales Tax Increase to Fund the White Cliff Renovation
By Samuel Bergeron


September 30, 2006

When the City & Borough taxes everyone on the clothes they buy locally, the food they buy locally and the residential rent they pay, there better be a use the government puts those dollars to work on that is as important as clothing, feeding and housing yourself and your families.

What makes this tax so heinous and detrimental to our community is there are about 1000 people living at or below the poverty level and an even larger segment of our residents live just above the poverty level.

This tax inadvertently targets a large segment of our community who don't have the means to clothe, house or feed themselves now. To ask this group of people to pay more tax for something that doesn 't have anything to do with not going hungry or staying warm and dry is not in their or your best interest to do. Essentially we are taking money from the poor, to give to the government, to fund a project that does nothing to alleviate their poverty; in-fact, it makes them poorer. This fails the "best interest test" for our whole community. It is in fact a terrible thing to do.

I don't think one group of people should be asking another group of our community to give, when they can 't afford to give. I also disagree with the comment that fixing the sales tax (on food and rent) isn't our problem.

When we ask someone else to pay for something in the form of a tax; we should make sure they don't have to go cold and hungry to do it. When you cast your vote on the proposed tax increase, please consider those of us who are struggling and are living in poverty. A no vote on the proposed sales tax is not the end of the White Cliff project. It is a reconsideration, from the voters, on how we are to going to eventually fund it.

Samuel Bergeron
Ketchikan, AK - USA

Received September 29, 2006 - Published September 30, 2006

About: A a concerned citizen and a candidate for Ketchikan City Council.


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