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By Penny Eubanks


September 30, 2006

I would like to remind the community of another option in our lovely city with capabilities and an interest in housing many of the offices recently discussed and opinions offered at length in our local news venues:

Borough Offices
City Offices
Ketchikan Theatre Ballet
Ketchikan Arts & Humanities
First City Players
Ketchikan Public Library
Senior Center

The Plaza has space available and an interest in any of these relocating to the center. While the Plaza location may not work for some of these uses, we feel that it would work for others. We have plenty of parking, and one of the prettiest interiors and best maintained large building located in Ketchikan as well as the state! The building is easy to access and located in an area which needs revived for the benefit of our community. The Plaza would welcome discussion of relocation of any of these uses to our center and feel any of the above mentioned would be a great addition to current tenancy. Renovation costs may be much lower to accomodate these uses in a building that is still very viable.

I do not wish to ruffle any feathers but want to present the idea that their are possibly other options to consider.

Penny Eubanks
Ketchikan, AK - USA

Received September 29, 2006 - Published September 30, 2006

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