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Where is Sarah Today?
By Meagan Foster


September 30, 2006

Everyday I look forward to reading the news to see where Ms. Palin has landed on the issue for the day. I am disappointed that she seems to be backing away from her campaign slogan of "Take a Stand." Actually she doesn't seem to be backing away from it so much as taking a different stand for different groups.

I certainly do not agree with all of Tony Knowles positions, but I know what I get when I vote for him. I get an experienced leader who will stand by his decisions. I will get an experienced leader who will enter office ready to lead Alaska, not someone who will spend her term getting "on the job experience." Tony will bring a staff with him who are highly qualified and dedicated to making sure we have a bright future in Alaska.

Being Governor is more than just smiling and shaking hands. You must have the leadership and strength to get work done - regardless of the political situation you may find yourself. Tony Knowles is a leader who will do just that .

Meagan Foster
Anchorage, AK - USA

Received September 28, 2006 - Published September 30, 2006

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