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By Douglas Thompson


September 30, 2006

It must be election time again, for I am being told over and over how much good has been done for me by those incumbents and retread incumbents over the past years.

I am left with the truth that seems apparent: My goal isn't their goal. If any with the lone exception of Tom Coyne have tried to improve the lot of the general citizenry I have missed it.

I have to think that the people who want to run are the very people that should not. (Maybe we need some kind of draft wherein a person serves for one term and one term only?).

I see overgrown egoes running amok, special interests served, money wasted and/or given to cronies, the business of governing the area turned into something of a 'social club' with no observable improvement for the general citizen.

Here are a few of the instances of "good" that pop to mind done by the past groups:

Blew 24 million in impact funds (sent by Stevens to help the 'community') and made a very few people very rich with our money. Then when they had paid a premium for Ward Cove with our money they failed to develop a boat harbor with that land which could have generated business (marine related retail, fishing fleet, traveling yachts as well as locals could have had a place to benefit and grow) but sold it off for far less than they had paid for it.

Tried to run off Walmart, then immediately flipflopped and annexed it so they could tax it. Imposing themselves on Shoreline etc. In fact their hypocracy and egoes know no bounds. Having demonstrated no ability to efficiently govern they sought to impose themselves in a way to make any dictator proud on the communities of Hyder and Meyers Chuck. The displayed greed has no bounds.

Given up completely the fallacy that unification would mean savings and now admit they just want more government at any cost.

When I go to the airport I can not park in front to drop off or pick up but twenty rental cars have immediate parking in reserved spaces by the door.

Every cop has his own car for personal use that we pay for, many gas guzzling SUV's. Each getting a car they then claim a minimum of two must answer all calls and the council grants it, the solution of putting two in a car beyond them. Approximately eighty personnel in a town the size of which in the real world might justify a dozen. Retirements and salaries not justified by performance or ability. (when was the last time they solved a major crime or triumphed in a major court case). For all this expenditure of our money we get a force that is a laughing stock among police agencies statewide. It is getting to the point that every city/borough employee above the rank of secretary has a car provided at our expense.

Streets that just can't seem to be paved in a timely or professional manner (six months to work on the street by Service Auto!!!). A side note: The same state contract writers and spec enforcers would be in charge of a bridge. If they can't pave Tongass Avenue I don't think I want to drive on any bridge they are in charge of! Sure, it was the state but the local government could have put its foot down, or at least tried too!

The bridge, ah yes the bridge. Let us by all means benefit a very few at gross expense to the taxpayers. We now have a project that is not going to save any time, will cost more than giving free ferry fares and adding nonstop ferry service (you could run an entire fleet on just the mainentance of a bridge!)and will disrupt the industry we have, add conjestion to the downtown, and of course if you could drive to the airport this bunch wouldn't let you park within walking distance!

Schoenbar Middle School--what a joke. Between the Borough and the School Board and their hugely overpaid superintendent none of them seem to be able to handle a simple project.

I could go on and on but I am sure you get the drift. If at any time you bring such problems to their attention you get one of their standard replies: "You don't understand." or "We'll refer it to staff."

Therein lies another costly problem. Allowing the managers to build a better resume at our cost by increasing the bureaucracies and writing their own checks. In effect the managers run the show with the elected 'officials' being 'official' apple polishers.

In lite of such impressive talents, I can only call on the incumbents and past incumbents to step aside and let those who haven't had a chance at us yet to do so. This is an instance wherein the old adage fits just right: You screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me.


Douglas Thompson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

Received September 27, 2006 - Published September 30, 2006


About: "I am a third generation Ketchikan resident of 56 years. I am an expert in being flim flammed (now call 'spin') by politicians both professional and amateur."




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