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White Cliff
By Al Johnson


September 18, 2006

Regarding Elizabeth Nelson's letter supporting "White Cliff tax now and for the here after".

As often the case, persons justifying their point of view will offer "Fact if matter", "Bottom line", "Current research" or "thousands" as adjectives to support obtaining acceptance without challenge to their objective.

Many years ago when the Borough Parks and Recreation was in its infancy, numbers of participants in the various activities were printed to support the expansion of the agency. When inquiry was made as to who these "Hundreds" (before inflation, I suppose) were that justified the expansion, the information was deemed not for public review, only the number of participants. It took some doing to circumvent this withholding of information. The finding was the borough staff counting each activity's usage by participants. The shortfall and more the reason for keeping the information secure, was that a very small number of families with all their offspring, participated in many of the Parks and Recreations offerings.
For the purpose of presenting a high number these family members were counted as a single for each and everyone of the activities. Hence, a few were leveraged into "Hundreds". I believe the term "Thousands" of performance attendees are in fact, the same attendees being counted for each performance of each presentation.

Using these forms of premise without challenge allows the presenter to assume what is not.
Continued unchallenged usage repeated on a regular basis, becomes "Fact". So- I challenge the use of "Thousands" as being each, a separate individual of thousands, attending a single performance(s).


Al Johnson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: " 42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot- Steven Wright "Thousands" of years living in Ketchikan if not for "Many Moons". I firmly believe that some ask "Government" to do too much for a few (thousands?) that which they can not do for themselves."



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