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$50.00 Cruise Tax
By Wayne H. Farnum


September 16, 2006

'Head' Taxes, also called 'Poll' Taxes, involving 'common-carrier' vessels, (ferry's, etc.), were tried in waters connecting New York & New Jersey. This was tried early in the 19th century, to generate income.

The USSC declared them unconstitutional. The same happened between Nevada & California. A "Head/Poll' tax of $1.00 per passenger was levied by California, as trains arrived from Nevada; if I recall correctly.

It has to do with Interstate commerce, there being a Constitutional prohibition of no taxes, fees, or 'borders, between the States. Not having seen the Alaskan law's specifics, I hope the drafter's did their due diligence research.


CWO3(BOSN) Wayne H. Farnum, USCG, Ret.
Pinellas Park, FL - USA

About: Age 63, married, 3 children. Retired from USCG. Have relatives in Fairbanks. Visited in 2004, Trained cutters in Kodiak, etc. In late 1970's. My expertise is in maritime matters."





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