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Whitecliff, old or new
By Laura Lowell


September 16, 2006

So you want my vote to increases taxes to save a 75 year old building with uneven floors containing hazardous building materials to accommodate seniors and arts groups. Hmmmm .

Stop thinking small. Quit the colloquial ideal about saving the building and look forward to the years to come. See a bigger vision. See a shining gem in southeast, at the White Cliffs of Ketchikan. See it up on the hill, shining windows against the white bricks, hosting artists from around the world into a state of the art facility. It sparkles in the morning sun. See how the building maximizes space, rising to the tree tops. See the covered sky bridge to the street above, the covered parking and walkways.

Let's go inside. There's poetry reading in the library, gymnasts down the hall, they are loading up meals as a community cooking class finishes up, a music clinic is about to start, and the art gallery, pottery room and performance center all have new exhibits starting today. All of the local groups use the building, runners, seniors, quilters, painters, kids groups, artists and actors. The building is state of the art, fully wired and ready to accept tomorrow's technology. It is fully accessible and energy rated. Luring artists to look north beyond Seattle for the perfect venue.

If you want my vote for new taxes, give me this.

Laura Lowell
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "Born and raised 40+ years, musician and former member of Ketchikan Theater Ballet"



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