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Voting YES on White Cliff
By Penny Pedersen


September 15, 2006

I read Mr. Klein's remarks about baseball and White Cliff. It might be of interest to note that the ball diamonds referred to have been built and maintained by tax dollars. We currently pay a half percent sales tax to fund recreational activities. This includes maintenance of ball fields, soccer fields, tracks and pools. The borough does this because it believes in using tax dollars to (1) help generate jobs and (2) invest in infrastructure that gives its citizens healthy activity choices. For some, this means baseball, soccer or recreational pursuits. For others, it means a safe, accessible place to go for educational programs or a hot luncheon meal. Still for others it means a place to rehearse for a play.

The key to this infrastructure is diversity. A wide variety of people are funding the infrastructure, and we need a wide variety of choices. There are some people who live in this community who don't have children but are willing to fund the school system with property tax dollars. All of us are paying for recreational activities whether we use them or not because the majority feels it is part of a healthy community structure. White Cliff Community Center is just another essential part of that structure. It offers our seniors, children and adults a safe, stimulating place to use their time.

Mr. Klein himself says it best: "We need to invest in something that is good for all kids and not just ones that belong to certain organizations." Not every child is a baseball player, not every adult attends youth sporting events. In the same way, not every adult or child is involved in the community organizations that are part of White Cliff Center. Some of us are involved in both. The point is that we have a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for youth, adults and seniors. Let's not pit one against another, let's support one another. That's why I support the White Cliff ballot measures. I will be voting YES on October 3rd and I urge others to do so as well.

Penny Pedersen
Ketchikan, AK


About: I am a 12 year resident, mother of three boys (each an avid baseball and soccer player, actor, and musician), wife to Andy (baseball/soccer coach and musician). I spend my time in the audience and in the stands cheering them on.



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