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White Cliff Project
By Diana Chaudhary


September 15, 2006

I received my voter information in the mail today, and upon reviewing the material describing the White Cliff Project, had a question that I am hoping someone familiar with the project can answer.

The voter information I received states that the sales tax increase will include approximately $250,000 annually for operating and maintaining the renovated White Cliff. However, it says nothing about an anticipated monetary contribution from the proposed users of the facility. Will these organizations be required to pay rent, or is the use of the building provided to them free of charge? If they will be paying rent, how much is the annual projected rent? Most nonprofits in town are required to pay some kind of rent for the Borough facilities that they use and I was wondering if that would be the case here.

If anyone can shed some light on this question, I would deeply appreciate it.

Diana Chaudhary
Ketchikan, AK - uSA

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