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Voting NO on Whitecliff!
By Robert D. Warner


September 13, 2006

When one reads about this plan to raise sales taxes to fund the remodeling of Whitecliff School, many unanswered questions appear. The issue seems to be less about Whitecliff or historic preservation, and more like a clever scheme by special interests to fund their arts and recreational activities on the backs of all taxpayers. In addition, the tax increase would cover operational costs for the building in additional to the remodeling and construction costs. In other words, it is a NEVER ENDING TAX INCREASE.

There seems to be alternative uses for Whitecliff School that have not been carefully examined. I keep wondering why Whitecliff School could not be remodeled to become the new Borough office building. In addition, 4 or 5 old classrooms could be transfered to the city to relocate the public library. Additional space could be allocated to the senior center for their use. This alternative preserves Whitecliff as a historical site and also provides essential local government functions.

If the arts council alternative is so essential to our community, and there is so much support for it, why isn't a non profit arts foundation set up to fund the remodeling and upkeep of Whitecliff School? The foundation could lease or purchase the property from the Borough. This would allow the many supporters of the arts to have a home at their own expense. It would give citizens the option of supporting the arts, but not forcing all citizens to pay for them through their taxes.

There are too many unanswered questions behind this proposed tax increase. As a result, a "NO" vote on election day is the best decision for this voter.

Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Thirty four year resident of Ketchikan and retired UAS faculty member.


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