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Not a critique
By Craig Moen


September 10, 2006

I feel it necessary to apologize for my previous email that was misinterpreted as a critique of Mr. Hoff's article. If I had known that letters to the editor get posted straight to this forum, I would have been more careful.

My comment was directed to the Sitnews editor, not to Mr. Hoff, and was intended to suggest that it would have been a courtesy of the editor to offer a few grammatical corrections. It occurred to me that readers could arrive at the mistaken impression that Mr. Hoff was less than articulate, which I considered him to be.

I enjoyed reading his opinion, and felt that some offered edits would have been more respectful to the writer. I hope that the editor would consider this for future articles that are submitted.

Thank you for the opportunity to clear up this misunderstanding.

Craig Moen
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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