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Admission to Alaska Tax
By Doug Irish


September 09, 2006

I am planning a cruise vacation to Alaska for May 07. I was already paying "port charges and taxes" and now an additional $50/head admission fee because I want to see Alaska from a cruise ship. Alaska is not an easy or cheap place to get to. Everything is at a premium. We were looking a a two day stay prior to our cruise, but $100 per couple is one night's room! I will still come and visit your state but I really no longer feel welcome. This tax shows that you see me as some "Fat Cat" that will just take Alaskan resources from the "real" Alaskans and leave nothing but waste in my wake. I WILL make a point of spending MUCH less on our vacation than your $50/head would ever clear.

BTW... I think we here in Alabama would make out great if we charged every visitor in an RV $50/head to come to Alabama. If they can afford an RV, then they wouldn't mind an additional fee. And after the state wasted 75% of the money, we could fix a pot hole or two.

Doug Irish
Birmingham, AL - USA

About: "A future cruise passenger to Alaska."



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