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By Bill Thomas Sr.


September 08, 2006

Dear Sitnews

I lost count on how many times this issue has been put on the ballot. So far it has failed each time. Every time it gets on the ballot, the language is re-crafted to try to make a duck look like a pigeon. The voters in this community are quite informed on this issue and property owners outside the City limits for the most part want nothing to do with consolidation of the two government. For one thing, most candidates each year bring no governmental experience and that is becoming more alarming with each passing year. They tend to follow the voice that is loudest or more convincing and call it good and leave the meeting not knowing if they represented their constituency or not.

I used to have many questions regarding consolidation. But so far I haven't received a response to any of them. So this time around, I can't support the concept unless I get an honest answer to two questions.

1. Where will any cost savings come from? and
2. What will the amount of savings be?

Each time around we've had different consolidation committee members. I would imagine by now, they will have the answers to these two question. I applaud the successful tactics that supporters use in getting this on the ballot as many times as they have. It educates us as voters each time around. I hope we have learned by now, that unless we get satisfactory honest answers to the two questions and how they arrived at their answers, this writer is going to vote NO again.

I was annexed to the City when other means of consolidation failed and that was to generate tax money from retail sales from Wal-Mart.

Some friends may disagree with me but the best part of living here, is that we're still friends after the election.


Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "44 yar resident and still looking for a hard copy of evidence."


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