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Proposed subdivision will deny public access to Herring Cove
By Joan Beraldi


September 07, 2006

There is a proposed subdivision by Mr. Ron Fitzgerald to build residential condos on the town side of Herring Cove within the patented tideland areas. This will severely impact all residents of Ketchikan who enjoy fishing from the beach at Herring Cove. This proposed development will remove the existing beach access and fill in portions of the tidelands. Mr. Fitzgerald is attempting to replace the existing designated public access easement with a less desirable, multi use, upland easement. I am writing to urge the public to attend the Army Corp of Engineers public meeting on Wednesday 9/6/06 at the Ted Ferry Civic Center from 6-9 pm to voice objection to removal of this public access.

On the surface of this proposal it appears as if Mr. Fitzgerald is providing public access to this valuable recreational area, but in reality he will eliminate the existing 50 feet by 100 ft. public access along the beach. The easement he is proposing replaces beach frontage access with access that will have the condos between it and the beach where people fish. This proposed access is not designated solely for the purpose of public access to the beach. Mr. Fitzgerald combines public access with utility easement, parking, and storage. The proposed substitute easement provides access only to the point area which is not within the area of Herring Cove that the public traditionally fishes within.

Joan Beraldi
Ketchikan, AK - USA

Received 09/06/06 - Published 09/07/06


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