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Pit Bulls
By Michael Moyer


September 05, 2006

Once again I would like to respond to Kelly Needham's letter. Kelly be careful not to anthropomorphize or attribute human traits or personality to animals. This is a mistake most of us make with dogs. They are our companions but do not think or behave like people. They can be taught to imitate some actions but they are not human.

All breeds of dogs were bred for certain traits. Aside from general dog behavior there are certain behaviors that are genetically specific to different breeds. Neither you nor I can determine what may trigger some of these behaviors in breeds that are no longer being used for their original purpose. Staffordshire terriers, for instance, have no working place in modern society, they are a novelty.

Originally Staffords and breeds like them were never meant to be on a leash walking a side walk. That doesn't mean people shouldn't have a Staffordshire. However having one is a great responsibility. While 30 Staffords may never exhibit the genetic behavior of their forefathers even if one does, and a child is mauled because of it, then the genetics of the breed are more of a liability than society can tolerate. In that light it would certainly be to the breeders' advantage to work together to eliminate any undesirable traits. Dogs are great. They have been our companions since the last ice age. If we remember we're in charge of every aspect of their existence and take responsibility for their behavior they will be with us forever.

Michael Moyer
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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