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Gravina Island Clean-Up
By Dave Lieben


September 05, 2006

I just wanted to thank Jerry Cegelske for all his hard work getting this organized, and to encourage everyone to come out this Saturday and Sunday to continue the effort to clean up the shoreline of Gravina.

I've kayaked and hiked along the shoreline of Gravina many times, and have been amazed at the amount of garbage and abandoned boats on the beach. I wasn't feeling quite 100% on Sunday, having run (well, okay, mostly walked) in the Deer Mountain Challenge (from Tatsuda's to the top of Deer Mountain) the day before. But I dragged myself out of bed and headed for the Harbormaster's office. Jim picked us up there in a skiff and took us over to Gravina.

I wish the person who wrote that "maybe Mr. Cegelske should just pick up the trash instead of taking pictures of it" could have seen Jerry at work Sunday, using a small log as a pry-bar to move a huge log just to get a blue tarp loose, dragging old refrigerators out of the woods, and pulling old tires loose from the weeds that have grown around them.

I'd also like to thank Wal-Mart, Safeway, Alaskan & Proud, and Tatsuda's for kindly donating our yummy lunch.

There really is a great sense of accomplishment to participate in clean-ups like this, to look at a big pile of trash and a clean section of shoreline at the end of the day and know you made a difference. I hope all those that have said that "somebody" should do something about the trash on the shoreline will be at the Harbormaster's office this Saturday or Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

Dave Lieben
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Avid kayaker and hiker.




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