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By Pete Ellis


September 04, 2006

With a little more a new library in a far better location can be included. Part of the justification for a new facility can come from the cost per square foot of the same being no more and probably less than any White Cliff renovation. One of the savings could be that it does not take $3.9 million to demolish the structure. Starting with a new structure ensures that planning and design will far better provide for what is needed and can be used. The current renovation plans and needs can readily be transformed into a new structure that is more centrally located and accessible in terms of including also a new library which is not for tourists but for those of us who reside, live and work here. VOTE YES and then work to ensure that the moneys to be generated by the sales tax revenue will provide the maximum benefit to the community at the lowest possible cost.

Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "Been here for 72 years and at White Cliff for 9 and planning to stay...."


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