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Gravina bridge response to editorial
By Michael Spence


September 04, 2006

The following is a copy of my response to Mr. Williams' editorial in the Ketchikan Daily News regarding the brdige to Gravina, because it may not be printed and everyone who lives here should see it:

As I remember, the term Bridge to Nowhere came from the national media after many thousands of people looked at all the facts about the proposed hard link to Gravina. I don't think it was Ketchikan that was referred to as nowhere, either. The point of the national attention was, and still is, the question of the need for such a huge public investment to serve so few, or more pointedly, so few people in Ketchikan.

Nowhere is the question about the worthiness of the bridge more applicable than right here.

If you look around, you will see that our existing road system is not exactly in spiffy shape.
In fact, it is pretty rough, reflecting many years of inadequate maintenance. Much of our road system is unsafe, especially for walkers, children, and cyclists. No one should be fooled into thinking that the bridge is going to be built AND our roads are going to finally be fixed also. Especially since the money is coming from the state DOT, which is exactly where the maintenance money comes from.

I don't think anyone really opposes the sawmill having its road built on Gravina. But it should be done with private investment, not funds that would otherwise be used to maintain or make "present" roads safer for Ketchikan's residents.

Safety and quality of life are more important than promoting the commercial interests of a few.


Michael Spence
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: " A ketchikan resident who has walked, run, and driven on every inch of ketchikans road system since 1974"


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