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Scholarship Winners Announced


September 20, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - Fall 2005 scholarship winners were awarded recently to University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan students. The scholarship awards range from $300 to $1400 each.

Sherrity Kelly was awarded the PEO Chapter H scholarship as well as the Edward Siemon Math-Science Scholarship. Kayleigh Hoyt was awarded a $1000 Beck Writing Award. Karen Ramsey received $750 from the UAS Alumni Association Ketchikan Chapter. This is the first year of the award by the recently established group.

Ketchikan CHARR awards scholarships to many students and UAS Ketchikan students Michael Jepson, Amanda Kiely, Colleen Scanlon and Dan Wable were the recipients this fall. Ketchikan CHARR also awarded an additional $2250 to students attending college in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Michael Jepson also received $1000 from the Ralph Yetka Memorial Scholarship.

Jackie Williams received the Philis Smith scholarship for $1000. Thomas Grass and Michelle Stack both received $750 in scholarship from the Paul Wingren Vocational Scholarship.

Angel Holbrook was awarded $1000 from the Ricardo Sainz Memorial Scholarship recently established by Sainz' co-workers at the U.S. Forest Service.

Leslie Chapel received $500 from the Sharon McAuliffe Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded by UAS Ketchikan Student Government. Mary Hasibar received $500 from the First City Rotary Vocational Scholarship.

Kathryn Jenkins was awarded a $500 scholarship from the UAS Ketchikan Advisory Council.  

Southeast Conference awards scholarships to students attending UAS Ketchikan; UAS Sitka and UAS Juneau each year. UAS Ketchikan students awarded scholarships were Thomas Grass, Colleen Scanlon, Don Wable, Linda Williams, and Jackie Williams.

Scholarships are awarded in both the fall and the spring. Many scholarships are awarded to students based on financial need as well as a student's education goals. Scholarship applications can be found on campus as well as online at when open. Scholarships are open for application approximately six to eight weeks before the deadline to apply. UAS Ketchikan student resource center staff can assist students with finding out more about scholarships available locally.

The University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan campus provides a wide variety of educational courses and programs to Ketchikan and the surrounding communities throughout the year. Many course offerings are available both locally and through distance avenues including web-based, audio conference, teleconference and satellite offerings. Through these offerings, students can achieve certifications, associate, bachelor and master degrees.


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