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Matiashowski to Return to Private Sector
Resigns as Department of Administration Commissioner


September 16, 2005

Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski announced Friday that Commissioner of Administration Ray Matiashowski has stepped down to pursue business opportunities in Ketchikan.
jpg Ray Matiashowski

"Ray has been a valuable member of my administration and has brought a strong private sector foundation to the business of government," said Murkowski. "The Department of Administration manages a diverse array of functions, including the operations of the daily workings of state government. Ray has been a valuable and effective leader in bringing a new level of efficiency to state government."

Matiashowski, 45, said he needed to spend more time with his business in Ketchikan and he wanted to spend more time with his family. His resignation will become effective October 3.

"I will always value the opportunity to serve in the cabinet and advance the goals of this administration," said Matiashowski.

"I want to thank Ray for his dedication and his valuable advice," said Murkowski. "I wish him well in his business opportunities in Ketchikan and look forward to his continued contribution to the community and the state."

Matiashowski was first appointed Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Administration in February 2003. Matiashowski became commissioner after the resignation of Mike Miller in May 2004.

A replacement has not yet been named, but Matiashowski indicated a willingness to stay on long enough to ensure a smooth transition.

According to the Office of the Governor, Matiashowski played a key role in disentangling the state from an ineffective telecommunications contract and achieved a first-ever contract with Alaska Airlines to reduce state travel costs. Matiashowski also played a key role in reforming the Public Employees Retirement System and Teachers' Retirement System.


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