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Governor Delivers Gasline Contract Terms to Producers
Response expected next week for contract that upholds six principles


September 14, 2005

Valdez, Alaska - In a Wednesday speech to the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce, Governor Frank H. Murkowski announced that he has delivered to the North Slope producers a contract term sheet for a natural gas pipeline agreement and that he has requested a response by next week.

"My commitment is to protect Alaska," said the governor. "I am firm in my belief that we must develop a gasline, but not at any price. I believe this contract proposal is good for Alaska, good for the nation and good for the producers. If they do not agree with my assessment, then I have an obligation to pursue other opportunities for marketing our gas."

The governor has followed six guiding principles in the negotiations, insisting that any contract must guarantee: a fair share of revenues for Alaska; in-state use of the gas; access to others who explore for gas; a design that allows for expansion; state equity ownership in the pipeline; and jobs for Alaskans and job training.

"I first articulated these principles in my address to the legislature in April. They have continued to guide the state's position in the negotiations," said the governor.

"Each side has made its position on the issues clear during the months of negotiations ­ particularly during the last two months of intense negotiations.  I have delivered a fair contract proposal to the producers ­ a proposal that meets these principles and provides significant benefits to Alaska, the nation and the producers. Now is the time for decision. I look forward to a response next week."



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