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Alaska Attorney General's Office on Lookout
for Gasoline Price Gouging


September 07, 2005

Alaska Attorney General David W. Márquez said Friday that his office has not received any reports of dramatic increases in gasoline prices in Alaska in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

"If consumers observe unwarranted price increases for fuel, we ask you to file a complaint with the Department of Law, Consumer Protection Unit," said Márquez. "Setting unconscionably high prices may constitute an unfair trade practice in violation of our consumer protection laws."

Márquez noted that consumers may experience some increases in prices in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. However, he warned that his office will investigate reports of unreasonably high gas prices to ensure that there has been no violation of our consumer protection or antitrust laws.

Consumer complaints may be filed in writing using forms obtained from the Department of Law offices or at the department's website. You can also contact the Consumer protection Unit at: (907) 269-5200, or toll free at: 1-888-576-2529.


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