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Open letter to Councilman Lybrand
By Tracy Mettler


September 29, 2005
Thursday PM

Honorable Councilman Lybrand,

I am writing as the Secretary/Treasurer of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 2761. Our membership is comprised of the 15 career firefighters providing 24-hour emergency services to the residents and visitors of the City of Ketchikan.

During your comments in a recent city council meeting, while justifying a salary increase for the City Clerk, you stated that the 15 firefighters working for the City fire department all earn a base salary of $52,000. You then stated that this figure does not include overtime or any other compensation, and is simply a base salary.

As you know, job classifications for employees of the City of Ketchikan are assigned a pay grade, and these pay grades are public information. For your information, I am providing you the base salaries of the three (3) employee classifications for firefighters at the Ketchikan Fire Department.

FF/EMT   Grade 18-A   $37,866
FF/Medic   Grade 20-A   $40,499
Lieutenant   Grade 23-A   $44,979

The pay grade for the Firefighter/EMT position does not reach $52,000.
Firefighter/Medics must serve 14 years before reaching $52,000.
Shift Lieutenants must serve 7 years before reaching $52,000.

Thank you for your time and service,

Tracy Mettler
Secretary / Treasurer
IAFF Local 2761
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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