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Ketchikan's water
By Rob Glenn


September 29, 2005
Thursday PM

Mr. Mirsky I want to also thank you for your support in my issue with the water. I am sorry to hear about your current health issue. I fortunately have not suffered through cancer, but I moved to Ketchikan because my father had cancer. Interestingly, he lived in Ketchikan 8 years, and was the only member of our family to have had cancer.

I also can not blame Ketchikan. However, what amazed me was the number of people I saw walking that obviously were undergoing chemo. The first thing I felt was don't drink the water. This was 3 years ago. Since that time, I have not drank the water. I can not say that bottled water, aquafina or anything are any better but I was convinced there was something wrong with the water here in town.

People felt I was obsessed because I refused to drink or cook with the water. And then..... KPU made the announcement. Once again I can not say this was the cause of his or anyone else's cancer.

If anyone wants to dispute cancer is high in town, there are 2 occasions that stick in my head.

1. MY father was getting his chemo locally, and I remember being in the waiting room. He went in and then 3 other people showed up to get their chemo.

2. One day I was in the movie theater, waiting for the movie to start and I hear these guys talking about 6 people they know with cancer.

I my self lost my father here in Ketchikan. I have known over 16 people who I can name who have cancer, or who have passed away from cancer. My father's wife who lived in KTN for 4 years, right after my father passed away she was diagnosed with a (fortunately) benign tumor. None-the-less, is it coincidence?

I know cancer is everywhere, but here I feel surrounded by it. I am not trying to blame anyone or anything, but I am just narrowing down what I personally feel it could be. And just to let everyone know who reads this, I am not the only person who feels cancer is high here. One lady who has lived here a long time admitted to me their high rates of cancer.

Mr. Mirsky I wish you well with you battle. Help get the message out.

Rob Glenn
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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