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Katrina Skewers Young's Pork
By Paul Hovik


September 29, 2005
Thursday PM

No doubt left-leaning, cave-dwelling, pot-smoking, commie-pinko-fags are going to try to make political hay from Congresssman Young's acerbic rebuff "They can kiss my ear!!!" to the suggestion that funds for the Ketchikan Gravina Golden Fleece Bridges could be better spent rebuilding the levees around New Orleans.....but I'll have none of that.

No doubt there will be jokes that Representative Young is neither young nor representative; accusations flung about monument-building; even rumors floated (hic) about changing the name of the Ketchikan International Airport to the Don Young International Airport.... but all this is just so much "Blowin' in the Wind" and I'll have none of it.

I'll have none of the inevitable wisecracks about sow's ears and silk purses, nor about the transparency of Emperor Young's New Clothes, his "pork-belly futures", Pork-foo-Young, nor where he'd like to be kissed.

No sir. The pusillanimous pussyfoots might take the low road to capitalize on Congressman Young's being in the wrong place at the wrong time, saying the wrong thing in the wrong way to the wrong people. But Hey!! This is ALASKA - where men are men and so are the women! We speak our minds up here, even if they are empty! And New Orleanians can't vote here!!

The Ketchikan-Gravina Bridges Idea should fail on its own lack of merit, which is substantial - not because it seems, through a lens of commie-compassion, insanely wasteful if not criminally corrupt. It was just bad luck and bad timing that Congressman Young got caught with his hand in the cooke jar - that's all. And if the pinko-fags don't like it that he'll protect his pork like the pit bull he apparently is, then they can kiss my you-know-what ...... ear.

Paul Hovik
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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