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Consider Mike Sallee for Borough Assembly
By Mark F. Murdock


September 29, 2005
Thursday PM

I've known Mike Sallee since the early 70's. He was an industrious, hard working, quiet and competent young man then. He still seems to be all those things (except young) and now has a background that includes one thing that is most valuable in these times - INTEGRITY!

I know that I have some major philosophical differences with Mike, but I also know that he is a person that has the ability (proven) to say NO. That is important in this fiscally challenging era. I believe his not having drawn, to my knowledge, a government paycheck and not being a part of some other cradle-to-grave benevolent entity, allows him to have a unique perspective, one that many of our leaders have ignored or forgotten. The taxpayer has a full plate. The recent examples locally of inept decisions need to be changed. I think Mike is one who is capable of facilitating that change. Please consider supporting Mike Sallee for Borough Assembly on Tuesday.

Thank You,

Mark F. Murdock
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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