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Walsh deserves our votes
By Jill Bohr Jacob


September 29, 2005
Thursday PM

When I called Susan Walsh yesterday, she was resuscitating a goat. Part of a typical day for Susan as all her friends know. She never turns anyone with an emergency away, even after helping to deliver babies all night. Her devotion to community means she is always helping someone, unless she is gardening - no small feat in itself here in Southeast Alaska.

Susan has been an OB and pediatric nurse in Ketchikan for almost 30 years, developing relationships with more residents here than anyone I know. She is remembered by the children she's treated for making their shots hurt less with her quick, warm sense of humor. Teenagers look at her in amazement when she reminds them, "I was there when you were born!" How many Ketchikan families have had Susan Walsh present for two generations of births?

Susan carries this care through to the education of the community's children. Sitting on the school board has long been a priority for her, and as her friend, I have admired her energy and dedication for an often difficult job. And I have wondered, why does Susan Walsh have so much energy for community service? Maybe assisting at the births of so many Ketchikan babies has given her an active hope in their future. Or maybe because so many of us are busy with our own lives we have come to depend on her to fill forgotten community needs. Maybe it's because she has broad shoulders. Or maybe it's because she is so darn Irish.

As a nurse who worked with her once said, "Susan cares deeply, lives passionately and refuses to ever say that it is someone else's job".

Susan Walsh deserves all of our votes for school board on October 4th.

Jill Bohr Jacob
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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