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An axe to grind?
By Jay Jones


September 29, 2005
Thursday PM

I agree with everything in Mr. Hanger's letter "Take Your Town Back", except the part where he disqualifies Rob Holston as a candidate because "he has an axe to grind". What better reason to run for office? Rob is one of the smartest, nicest guys I know.

As I talk to people around town I get a sense of anger at the arbitrary and capricious way that Local, State, and Federal officials are squandering what was once OUR money, helping themselves and others to the largesse while stifling small businesses that may compete with the cronies or government itself. I've even heard people say they are afraid to speak out in fear of some sort of bureaucratic retaliation.

Guess what, this type of climate sure doesn't attract economic growth. It's like trying to do business in a third world country. How much of the crap sold in the trinket/knickknack shops is actually produced here? Kinda reminds me of those Mexican border towns.

I get a kick out of reading some of these "born again" candidates who all of a sudden want to get property "back on the taxrolls". Where were they a few years back? Hey, let's put the Shipyard back on the tax rolls and off the dole. If that AMHS deal and "The Bridge to Nowhere" is economic development, somebody needs to go back to school, specifically math class.

I have to laugh at someone who cites as one of their positions the fact that they support the squandering of hundreds of millions of dollars. Watch out for candidates who claim that government needs to "encourage economic development" or "create jobs". Government does neither. Free markets do. Government inherently does the opposite. Governments do not have "customers". They are not, nor will they ever be "customer friendly".

Is a 13% hotel tax high enough? It seems to me that we have been getting too many hotel guests in this town lately and we should seriously consider raising the tax to say, 25%. That will show those pesky tourists that we mean business. Yes Mr Hanger, a few axes need to be ground in this town.

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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