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Politics of the People
By Loren K. Stanton


September 27, 2005
Tuesday PM

The Board doesn't want an award winning superintendent. They can hire a new one who will probably be worse. I was just beginning to like Harry.
The Ketchikan Assembly bought the land. They don't have to consult us to sell it.   They think they are some sort of Chief Executive officers of a business.
The Council wants a dock they don't have to listen to the voters. They think they know it all and look down on us as peasants.
The Governor wants a jet and wants one billion of the people's surplus money to build a gas line.  He thinks he is a king.
Don Young wants a Bridge.  Who cares about the People of New Orleans or the National Debt?  He thinks he can do what he wants and no one can touch him.
George Bush wanted a war.  He got one. 
Find your own lessons here.
Loren K. Stanton
Ketchikan AK - USA



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