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Pesticides on Long Island... again!
By Frances C. Natkong


September 27, 2005
Tuesday PM

To Whom It May Concern:

Klukwan, Inc. has reapplied for a permit to apply pesticides on Long Island. What can we do or say to stop them? We've pleaded, begged, tried to talk sense into them, but so far they have not heard us. Why? They are a Native Corporation and we are as well. Pesticides are a poison, everyone knows that and the aerial spraying will drift to other islands. We've gotten our subsistance foods from and around Long Island long before Klukwan, Inc. even knew it was there. There is a cemetary and the old Haida village site of Howkan on Long Island. Our Haida ancestors lived and survived on the subsistance from Long Island. Our people are dying off fast enough from cancer without help from Klukwan, Inc. who I'm sure don't want deaths on their hands, deaths of our subsistance way of life, death to our people from cancer, death to the earth from their poison.

Again, I challenge the Board of Directors of Klukwan, Inc., and the Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation to stay on Long Island while it is being sprayed if they believe that the poison they are planning on spraying will not harm the environment, plants, animals and humans, not to mention the beaches and waters for miles around. If you are so adament about it not being poison or "harmless" to everything then you should have no problem staying there while you spray. Bring your families and family pets as well. Invite your friends to stay with you, too. Let's just see how many will agree to that. Please write voice your objections for the spraying of Long Island to the following address:

Alaska Dept. of Environemntal Consevation Pesticide Program
ATTN: Sandra Woods
555 Cordova St.
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
FAX: 907-269-7600

The deadline for submitting comments is the end of October. Please voice your objections for the good of all Haida's.


Frances. C. Natkong
Hydaburg, AK - USA




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