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Wards Cove Sale
By Robert McRoberts


September 26, 2005

I don't like this sale.

Last letter I ran out of time, and like to keep them short. But I do not think this sale is going to do us any good. Is this sale including the pulp mill dam? Just how much money would it take to build it new? I bet more than 9 million. what a great asset we have there. Is this sale going to cut us out from using it? What is the plan? Just to get this on the tax roles? If the businesses want this water let them buy it from us by the gallon. If we let the dam go we will be buying water from the business for are sludge plant and all other businesses that may be formed there. Look what happened on the south end to get water. You give your assets away - you lose. There are the things that make money for your government that should be utilized to its fullest. I alone have thought how many things that could be done with this dam.
We put out something like a million or so to get the Alaska Marine Highway in to this building - so it's going to take some time to get are money back. Well maybe it should have been sold in the first place, but it was not. We have money in it we need to get back. If this buyer can make money on them why can we not do it? He will still have to make taxes too. I just can not believe some still think the veneer plant is going to make it. Today this world is run by the rich. If the Canadians think we can make plywood with their trees they well let us and then raise the prices. Because they make plywood and they can regulate the prices just as they did last year when Bush sent all the plywood to Iraq. The price we paid doubled. So let's not run off A.M.H. let's keep the ship tied up at the docks till we hear a better plan.
It's like I hear - we've got to get this place on the tax rolls. Why? So you can give your self a big fat raise? We do not seem to ever see the benefits.

I like what Harry Martin has done for are schools but if the only way we can keep him here is to give him 1% raise every year - be happy with what your're getting or be gone.

Why is our school budget so high? Because we keep giving raises. There has to be a line drawn when you decide to become a teacher. You know what they get paid. It's your choice. You don't have to go on strike at the mercy of the kids. Well now... I slipped over the edge and the teachers are going to hate me. 

I better get back to the mill. O.K. I made my points and lost track better just close on this note... Don Hoff I thought you were just using your Indian name. Consolidating is good we only have to fight one government instead of two. If you were loyal to your people you would be here teaching your history to your people. You seem to know a lot. Thought you were coming back this summer?
Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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