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Questions for the Candidates
By John Stewart


September 26, 2005

Editor SitNews,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to seek answers within this forum. Perhaps between your site, the Ketchikan Daily, and local radio, the candidates may find an opportunity to reply.

For assembly:

  • Diversity is key to a strong economy, can you offer an example of how you intend to encourage a strong, equal foundation for all types and sizes of business. If you are/were incumbent, why did you not take such action before?
  • Why are new business prospects saddled with the New Business Tax Deposit Schedule ? Would you abolish this arbitrary and capricious document?
  • How would you streamline airport ferry fees?
  • How is the competition of the water taxi with the airport ferry different from the bowling alley and the borough recreation center? Should we charge $2.00 per head for every bowler?
  • Should all tours utilizing a local facility (e.g. private or municipal/ state float, building or kiosk) pay sales tax regardless if they are sold on visiting ships?
  • With our existent resources, how would you broaden our tax base?
  • In future land sales, should there be special dispensation for locals?
  • Would you streamline planning and zoning/ process of procuring building permits?
  • How will you determine not to repeat the problems plaguing the Schoenbar construction? Will you call for an investigation?

City council:

  • Currently the organized cruise industry is playing one British Columbia port off another; the ports are spending themselves into indebtedness building infrastructure to accommodate larger and more ships with no guaranty. Would you work with your counterparts in other ports of call for regional decisions? How else might you effectively negotiate with the strength of unity?
  • Would you spend public funds to promote one side of any issue coming up for a vote? Will you accept the voter answer; Yes or no?

The views of school board and borough mayor candidates are also of interest.

Thank you,

John Stewart
Ketchikan, AK - USA

c.c. Ktn. Daily News,KGTW, KRBD,KTKN




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