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School Board: Support Our Superintendent
By Jackie Williams


September 26, 2005

Dear Sitnews,

Over the last few years our community has endured much disarray in our school district.

Last year our students from White Cliff were scattered among various buildings. The middle school students were split, with the 7th graders remaining in the company of elementary school children and perhaps as a result did not reach the fullness of their age and stages of developement. The 8th graders were in High School, ready or not.

The Schoenbar remodel has been a nemesis to this community for over two years. The school building is not just a month or so late in opening, it is over a year late. While we continue to wait upon the building's completion, Schoenbar is now back in existence, as it is not the building that makes the school, but the people.

We have new Principals in six (6) out of eight (8) schools this year and though change is often good and a move forward, I sincerely doubt changing superintendents at this time and for no good reason that I am aware of, can be to the best advatage of anyone involved.

To the School Board once again I say SHAME ON YOU. We the citizens of this community, all the citizens, not just the parents, students, teachers and staff have abided with the school situation for so long. Have you ever actually pondered the psychological impact of this seemingly endless saga on those you represent? Now, principals are placed; the school year is begun, and two new school buildings are opening on the near horizons of tomorrow. Just when most of us are begining to see a conclusion to this mess; some order, peace, and relief from the fracas, a few of you want to boot out Harry Martin, our Superintendant of the Year.

If you mangage to toss Mr. Martin aside at the meeting Wed. Sept, 28th before the election of your new board members on Oct. 4th, then we will have to come back to the School Board with the Agenda Item again, after the new School board is seated. Instead, will you please give us, the people, what we preffer, a very capable, and valuable School Superintendent who has helped us through these difficult times and did not turn tail and run from the issues, or having to work with some of you. He knows our school district, our community, and he deserves to continue in the position. It would be nice to go into the coming year knowing our school district has come to the point of coalesing, healing, and being led into a bright future. Let our community be able to settle into not have any more of the major stresses that have plaqued us these last years.

Put the captain at the helm and let him steer the ship, Mr. Martin is so familiar and well versed that smooth sailing will lie ahead for a while.

To the rest of you citizens, go to the School Board meeting, and go vote.

I am sharing my voice here as I will not be able to attend.


Jackie Williams
Citizen, Parent, Voter
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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