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Upcoming Election
By Robert McRoberts


September 24, 2005

Soon we have to vote for some change. Some of us will not be able to vote for K.J. but we have to replace or retain Mr. Salazar. It seems the only thing we know about the people running for office is what Mr. Hanger has evaluated for us. We really need to change our way before were fighting in the streets.

I asked earlier if any one would vote for me as mayor. No one wanted to say it on this site but my friends like what I say most of the time. I would have tried to run but I was hoping on landing a really good job on P.O.W. where I could break away from the K.G.B. but that didn't happen. And so I have to care about this stuff again. Well you could write me in for Mayor if you like, but that would take votes away from Joe.
I would like to see things that are good for us - the ones that live here year round. I want a road started to the mainland. It is the only thing that will get Ketchikan as a major port - the first stop. Tourist and camp grounds that you do not need boats to get there. Logging along the way and in unseen valley to help the cost of this. I would see a lot less people calling it a waste of money. We're stuck here. We would be able to drive out and they drive in and go on to Prince of Wales and up Southeastern Alaska's panhandle. This road should have been done long before the intertie of the 4 dam pool even started. The cost of string wires would have been one third or less of the cost now. Then we would have had cheaper power for all and access to develop Gravina - if it was a choice. But that's all dust in the wind now.
We just need to get things in order, not just because your buddy wants it done. Just don't force us to take a bridge we well not need for a hundred years. Because next we will need water and sewer over there, while it's still running down the ditch and through your neighbors yard on this side.

The port development plan was shot down because of jealousies from the south enders not getting their way. It might not have been the best plan and needed to be worked out a bit better. It may have been an only chance to get this part of town fixed up. Why couldn't the float from city float not be moved to Thomas Basin then all the fishing boats could use them and shop at Mr. Tatsuda's store giving him a reason to expand. I live on the south end. We need a store on this side of town not drive three more miles at $3 a gallon to buy more food.

We have no good long term plan because you're all too old and set in your ways. The world has changed and you're missing our chance to keep up. What is the income of Ketchikan? We only have tourist. More people are employed from tourism than the shipyard that gets so many hand outs.

Well I better stop for now because I can not help because I wasn't sure I could get it together and I have been having a good year on my own. 
Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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