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Wards Cove Sale
By Amy T. Thompson


September 24, 2005

The Borough Assembly needs to allow the public time to weigh in on any agreement made in regards to the Wards Cove sale. I understand the time sensitivity of the deal for the prospective purchasers but the public has not had time to comment on it. Until this Saturday's meeting the "deal" had been negotiated behind closed doors. The public is just now being made aware of where it all stands. For that matter the Assembly has just been delivered the revised sales document and is being encouraged to give it their blessing without a chance to even read it. These are public lands and the Borough Assembly and staff need to treat them as such.

It appears the Alaska Marine Highway System has finally been guaranteed the option to purchase the lands they require to do a full expansion into Ketchikan. The buzz around town tells me that almost everyone in town feels that their move here is of utmost importance to this community. The turnout of so many new faces for Saturday's meeting reflects this.

Thank you all for your particiation and thank you Robin Taylor for attending such an important meeting!! As I write this the meeting has just been adjourned to Monday.

Thank you Borough Assemblymen for taking the time to fully review the new information you have been given and please answer all queries from your constiuents in regards to it. An informed and fully cogitated decision is always in order. I for one will encourage my husband, Assemblyman Glen Thompson, to delay his trip to Juneau until Tuesday if need be.

Please people, if you have any concerns regarding the Wards Cove sale please contact your assemblymen. If you gripe without speaking your peace to those in control you have no one to blame but yourself when decisions are made without consent.


Amy T. Thompson
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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