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Ketchikan Water Issues
By Rob Glenn


September 21, 2005
Wednesday PM

The most recent letter from KPU stated that drinking water over a period of time which contained above standard amounts of Haleoacedic acids may cause cancer.

I did research, and contacted people at the Department of Environmental Conservation. The below are results I got from research and a very nice and helpful reply from DEC.

Something interesting that I found was that it was not required to test our drinking water for haleoacedic acids until 2004. This means that for years our drinking water may have been above standard with out anyone even knowing.

Aside from possibly causing cancer in lab animals, Haleoacedic acids have also been shown to cause adverse reproductive or developmental effects in lab animals. However the EPA cannot conclude there is a causal link between exposure to chlorinated surface water and cancer, these studies have suggested an association, albeit small, between bladder, rectal, and colon cancer and exposure to chlorinated surface water.

Now KPU says that if they have to build and replace the water system here in town it may take up to 5 years and cost a good chunk of money.

Cancer in Ketchikan has over passed heart disease killing over 250 people in the last 2 years. And the numbers have probably gone up. Yes cancer is everywhere, but we need to start correcting problems we have here in town.

This town hounds on issues which are unnecessary such as bridges and dock expansion when they can't even keep health and social issues under control.

Drugs, alcohol, DUI, and other crimes are pretty common in Ketchikan, just read the police blotters. Kids are dropping out of school and having kids, and people are coming down with cancer daily. Jim Elkins, a very popular citizen of Ketchikan is now sick and regardless of whether he owned a bar, he still has cancer. The money we are using to build bridges, and to campaign for docks should be used to take care of the citizens of Ketchikan, not for the pockets of select few politicians and businesses.

Borough and City officials, time to take care of the citizens not yourselves.

Rob Glenn
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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