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Stuffing or pull more hands together?
By Kenneth A. White


September 21, 2005
Wednesday PM

I'm sure everyone will want to see the up rise in the abundance of wealth provided throughout Ketchikan when the bridge will be built. It would be a great opportunity to provide jobs and land for those interested in the development of this town. Many dreams and wishes could be granted to the expansion of this small-restricted area. On the other hand, however, we cannot distinguish ourselves from the world.

Mary Ida Henrikson quoted "Keet shan han" which represents or symbolizes a continuing cycle of life, which she said could represent change, the change which could easily represent Ketchikan. It was said, whenever a tree was cut down or a deer was killed, we would thank the spirits for providing us our food, clothing, and shelter for a life that all could live off of. So if I'm correct, we cannot neglect any factor in the revolving cycle of life without consequences.

By us neglecting the world and the devastation and focusing only on our own wishes, I feel this would be an abruption to the cycle of life. We have a choice to decide whether to keep stuffing our faces with our dreams and bridge money, or pull more hands together in the continuing cycle of life for the hurricane Katrina victims.

Kenneth A. White
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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