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By Karen S. Hollywood


September 21, 2005
Wednesday PM

The Bridge issue again. Boils down to what you want vs. what you need.

NO ONE needs it. But there are many people in this country right now that NEED food, housing, clothes, hope. Hard to move forward when they have nothing.

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a BIG sale shopper, not having much money. But I have ALOT more than some at the moment. Face it folks, keeping the money at this point is selfish. Our survival does not depend on this bridge.

Think of what Heros you politicians would be if you gave the bridge money to Katrina victims. Even if there were NO Hurricane victims, it still makes little sense compared to what that kind of money could do for Ketchikan's own infastructure, road to the mainland, whatever.

This is not a good example for our children. Teach them to give, to be kind, to think of others, to HELP when they see someone struggling. One of the things I tell tourists is that living in a small town, if your house burns down, everyone puts $10 or $20 in a jar at the store or an acct at the bank for you, whether they know you or not. That's one reason we live here.

This is sad. But, as usual, I'll most likely regret opening my mouth, as being so opininated may keep me unemployed in the winter months....

Karen S. Hollywood
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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