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"Bridge to our future"...
By Charlotte Tanner


September 21, 2005
Wednesday PM

"Everybody calls it a bridge to nowhere. ... It's a bridge to our future." Mike Salazar

I would submit to Mike Salazar, that the "future" is already here, and easily accessed by a number of Alaska Airline flights, or Alaska Marine Highway, no need for any bridges. The "future" is in the lower 48 . I have visited the "future" many times, and have found it wanting myself. I definitely do not need the future here, I live in Alaska in an attempt to escape the future. However if Mr. Salazar is so enamored of it, I suggest he move TO the future, instead of trying to BRING the future to Ketchikan.

Charlotte Tanner
Ward Cove, AK - USA


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Ketchikan: National spotlight has Alaska town uncomfortable By SEAN COCKERHAM - Mike Salazar, the Ketchikan borough mayor, had just fielded a call from Reader's Digest. Another reporter wanting to talk about "the Bridge to Nowhere."

The proposed $315 million bridge from this small Alaska city to a neighboring, nearly uninhabited island has become a sensation. It's made Ketchikan famous, but not in a way Salazar likes.

"It makes me frustrated that we haven't been able to communicate our need well enough for the rest of the United States to understand it," said the mayor, who was first elected to the town council in 1976.

"Everybody calls it a bridge to nowhere. ... It's a bridge to our future." - More...
Monday - September 19, 2005




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